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BS-120 base with bonnel spring box, has six legs. This gives additional reliability to the structure.BS-120 base with a mattress, based on the 7-zone spring box made by the German concern AGRO, will provide improved comfort for visitors of your hotel.Feet with rollers near the headbord and the handles for moving allow you to make full double bed of two single beds very easily.The bottom of BS-120 base, like all our other beds, is sheathed with spunbond. This makes it easier to keep your hotel rooms clean.Alligator type clamps are included in the package and allow you to connect two bases BS-120 to each other, easily and reliably.

BS-120B seriesBonnel base

Framework:pine bars
Base:Bonnel spring unit
Combined cover:
  • nonslip ferret top;
  • sides – fabrics with sintepon;
  • spunbond coated bottom
Fastener system:alligator clip, included in the price
Legs:6 pcs with 2 of them fitted with rollers; beechwood body, included in the price
Carrying handle:metal body, included in the price
Height with legs:32 cm
Leg height:10 cm
Package type:140 μm polyethylene + cardboard + 140 μm polyethylene
AGRO spring unitsGermany  
Eco Shaum fillerLithuania  
Fabrics, group A 
Trend fabricBelgium Trend fabric, Belgium
Savannah furnishing fabricPoland Savanna fabric for furniture, color 02 – golden brownSavanna fabric for furniture, color 05 – greySavanna fabric for furniture, color 26 – brownSavanna fabric for furniture, color 27 – beigeSavanna fabric for furniture, color 82 – gray-blue
Comfort fabricBelgium Comfort fabric, Belgium
Fabrics, group B 
Pullmann fabricGermany Luxe class Pullmann fabric, Germany
Eco-leatherBelarus Eco-leather - white (ECOTEX 110)Eco-leather – brown, with the effect of aging (Ostin Umber)
Beechwood bodyHeadboard leg with rubberized roller, solid beech, “beech” color. Bolted connection with the base.Headboard leg with rubberized roller, solid beech, “wenge” color. Bolted connection with the base.s
Fabrics, group ASize, cmPrice
Trend fabric, Savannah furnishing fabric, Comfort fabric80×200€ 499
90×200€ 509
100×200€ 539
160×200€ 849
180×200€ 949
Fabrics, group BSize, cmPrice
Pullman fabric, eco-leather80×200€ 529
90×200€ 539
100×200€ 579
160×200€ 889
180×200€ 989

BS-120B series 160×200 and 180×200 cm bases are furnished with 9 legs with 3 of them fitted with rollers.


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